KarmaFleet - Member Corp Of GoonSwarm Federation

Karmafleet is a proud member of the Goonswarm Federation, who dwell deep in null security space, beyond the reach of the four great Empires, and far from the protection of CONCORD. Together with our allies, we have forged our own Empire which knows no equal.


Over 9

Years Old

Ships Lost

Deployed Structures


Unparalleled Newbee Services and Resources Combined with A True Endgame Sandbox for Veterans

Mentorships and Classes, Alphas Welcome

We are constantly teaching game mechanics and systems to our new players and enabling them to enjoy New Eden. We invite Alpha and Omega players.

Free Ships And Skillbooks

Free skillbooks and Free fitted frigate ships for any new player. Content is bountiful, and we want you to jump in head first with us.

Ship Reimbursement

Alliance and Corporation Ship Reimbursement is available. We will pay you ISK if you lose a doctrine ship during an alliance directed fleet. Get paid ISK to have fun with us.

Extensive Wiki

GSF Operates one of the oldest and most complete Game Information Wikis for Eve Online.

Alliance Communications

IT Services to get you into the game. Get realtime notifications of events and fleet activity to participate in.

Active Forums

GSF Also operates one of the most active Player Run EVE Discussion Forums available. Come Say Hi!

Specialized Activity Groups

Do you like flying Bombers or Titans? Are you looking to be a market manipulator? We have the social groups for you to excel at your goals.

Unequaled Industrial Might

Not all of eve is Fleet Combat. GSF and KarmaFleet Operate the largest and most effective Industrial Empire in the game.

Social Groups

We operate social groups for people of similar interests to hang out and interact. Some of our groups include: Military Vets, LGBTQ, Fitness, Programmers and more

Join Us Today

KarmaFleet offers the best new player and veteran experiences in EVE. What are you waiting for?

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KarmaFleet Recruitment Process

  1. 1 Follow the instructions listed on the landing page, and do your best to include any requested information.
  2. 2Once your API keys are registered and your application is submitted, our recruitment team will process your membership request.
  3. 3Once processed, you will get an in game notification letting you know you have been accepted!
  4. 4You will receive a welcome mail with all the instructions needed to make sure you get safely to our home station and set up on all of our communications tools.